The Dreamer's Tarot Project 

The Dreamer's Tarot is a photographic tarot card project. The - all in all 82 - images are taken over a course of ten years: between 2010 and 2020. The all purposefully have an element of serendipity to them, in their making as well as in their esthetics. The tarot structural system is a very all encompassing guidance system that includes not only general life situations and how to deal with them, but also structures certain areas of creative processes, emotional states or personal and professional stability. It is a tool for self-discovery as much as it is a tool for professional and creative work processes. 


The 22 major arcana are all digital long exposure images, with no further retouch. They are all shot at night, using a special light-painting technique to create a very unique look. The major arcana in tarot represent allegorical archetypes of certain situations in life. They are the cards that have more value or meaning in tarot. They are giving advice on major life situations and how to handle them. 


The 56 minor arcana are a compilation of images from 12 countries in 4 different continents. They are all shot analogue, most of them on medium format film (120mm), and most of them are double exposures. The countries from which they are collected are: Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, India and Cuba. The minor arcana are categorized in 4 categories: The four elements air, water, fire and earth. The air element is giving advice on matters of the mind, thinking, ideas, and intellect. The water element gives advice on emotions and emotional states. The fire element is giving advice on passions and creativity, and the earth element is advising structure, stability and material aspects. 


The images have been exposed in Venice, Berlin, Vienna, or Bogotá so far, and are intended to become a full tarot card set. Also the images are all singularly purchasable as fine art prints. 

Check out my tarot youtube channel! 

This is one tarot video right here but make sure you subscribe to the channel because I regularily post videos! 

How the Videos work: You choose one card for yourself, the one that you feel the most drawn to. Pile one/two/three. Then you jump directly to the time in which the video talks about YOUR pile! 

For this vid the times are: 

pile 1: 01:46 pile 2: 17:38 pile 3: 30:24

joy and make sure you follow the channel, also I do personal tarot guidance! 

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